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This circulation cooling system with skid line passing through lower part of it was under the state of replacing skid line every six months because of scale problem.

When ACE-MAG installed, effective removal and prevention of scale resulted in the rise of production efficiency and energy savings.

With the application of ACE-MAG, the frequency of shut down annually for cleaning reduced to 2-3 times from the previous 4-5, and cost savings almost doubled.
With the application of ACE-MAG, the frequency of shut down annually for chemical cleaning reduced to 2 times from the previous 4, and cost savings more than doubled

- The cooling system designed by Swiss EMS Company was completed in 1999, and start operation in 2000. In some loop, the cooling water is used to replace the originally designed of using chilled water. The effectiveness is still good, and save a lot of cost

- There are 13 sets of heat exchanger in the system. 4 of them are panel H/E, and 9 of them tube and shell H/E

- The water flow through the 6 H/E(flow rate 55.5 /hr) is filtered by Hydrotech microstrainer(model HDF 1203-1F, filter opening 10 microns), and combined with the water from other 7 sets H/E, return to cooling tower

- Due to special(condition) requirement, one UV sterilizer model C-12-SL, flow rate 44,000 LPH is installed before one of H/E

- Pump specifications : flow rate 480 /hr, pump head 50m
ACE-MAG has been installed at the main line of pump outlet. According to the plant manager, in summer time, generally speaking, after passing through the dryer, the material in the cooling silo is very difficult to cooling down. The original design is 32. However, sometimes it goes up to 40 even 60. But in this system, because of high efficiency of the H/E, achieved with the application of ACE-MAG, cooling silo always keeps at 32, and so, the product quality is very stable, highly commendatory.